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Holiday Consignments



We are now accepting holiday consignments!


Thank you for your interest in selling with Next Time Consignment.  All of our consignors are highly valued, it’s your inventory that keeps our business a success!  If you have one piece or multiple items to sell, Next Time Consignment can help you sell your furniture and home accents.


•  No up front fee to consign!

•  Complete an NTC Terms of Agreement Contract and holiday adendum

•  You earn 50% of selling price for all home accents

•  Collect your check on the 5th of each month following the sale of your items!

•  Consignor sales credits available immediately for in store purchases!

•  NTC uses social media and other paid forms of advertising to promote traffic to sell

Have questions?  Give us a call or fill out this form

In order to maximize your time and profit, follow these quick and simple guidelines:

  • Current and tasteful items accepted

  • Good repair and clean items accepted only

  • No disposable items (party supplies, paper items, etc.) accepted

  • No candle that has been lit or used will be consigned

  • All holiday items will be priced by NTC at a value to move quickly

  • All holiday items will discount on our regular 45 day policy at 25%

  • All holiday items will discount an additional 25%, immediately following the holiday

  • All holiday items must be picked up by day 10 following the holiday

  • All holiday items NOT picked up by day 10 following will be donated without further notice

  • Any holiday item may be picked up at any time following the holiday

  • All standard consignment rules not stated will apply

  • Unless stated otherwise, all standard consignment rules and policies in the Next Time Consignment Contract will apply

  • A current completed NTC contract must be on file, if not, a completed NTC contract will be required


Ready to consign? Print out this contract and adendum, fill both forms out, and bring them to us with your consignments! No appointment necessary! 

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